Nurturing, Developing, Inspiring

At Parkside GGI Academy our children are at the heart of everything we do.

We believe every child deserves the best start in life.

Through nurturing our children's curiosity, potential and experiences we will develop
their love of learning and their abillty to embrace the challenges of the future.


Click here for information about the Inspired Learning Multi Academy Trust.

Our School Staff

Mrs C Walker
(LLE- Local Leader of Education)

Assistant Head
Miss R Marks (EYFS Leader & Year 1 Red class teacher)
(SLE- Specialist Leader of Education for Early Years) 

Teaching Staff
Mrs J Bolton (KS1 Leader &  Year 4 Pink class teacher)
Miss A Webb (KS2 Leader & Year 3 Green class teacher)
(KS2  Leader, SLE- Specialist Leader of Education for English)
Miss J Bell (Recption Orange class teacher)
(SLE- Specialist Leader of Education for Early Years) 
Miss H Clark (Year 2 Yellow class teacher)
(SLE- Specialist Leader of Education for Phonicss) 
Mrs S McCowen 
(Pupil Premium Leader & Year 2 Blue class teacher)
Mrs K Paterson  (Nursery Purple Class Teacher)
Mrs Leona Case (Year 3 teacher)

SENCo/ Year 4 Pink class teacher
Miss S Parrington (Inclusion, Attendance, Early Help Leader)

Support Staff

Miss S Leech
(Childcare Leader) 
Mrs Z Harvey
(SERIS & Kidsafe Leader)
Mrs E Allewell
Mrs K Kneale
Miss C Brand
Mrs J Walsh
Mrs A Ducie
(Kidsafe Leader)
Miss B Gooding
Mr J Walker 
(Sports & Behaviour Coach)
Mrs N Moyes
Miss C Humphreys
(Childcare apprentice)
Miss E Flynn
(TA apprentice)
Mrs C Long
(Kidsafe Leader)
Miss L Hazzard
Miss K Charles
(Childcare Apprentice)
Mrs T Crompton
Miss L Johnston
(Childcare Apprentice)
Miss K Chatfield
Mrs K Gretton
Mrs M Griffiths
(School Counsellor)
Miss K Storey
Miss D Moore
(Childcare Apprentice)
Mr R Mason
(IT Technician across the Trust)

Mrs D Humphryes
Mrs A O'Brien
Mrs L Hemsworth (Clerk to LAC)
Mrs A Herdman (administrator across the trust)
 Mr Mark Fitzgerald (Health & Safety administrator across the Trust)

  Midday Supervisors                     School Cleaners
            Mrs N Noble                                   Mrs J Deakin     
Miss C Brand                                                 
       Mrs A O'Brien                              Miss L Hazzard
Miss L Hazzard                                            
Miss K Storey